Located in New London, Connecticut along the Thames River Waterfront, the National Coast Guard Museum is organized by five major wings containing 600 objects and 5,000 images and documents, bringing the Coast Guard’s history to life.

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Deck 2

Wings: Introduction to the Coast Guard, Lifesavers around the Globe


Discover how the Coast Guard developed from a small group of 10 ships, to a global force operating around the world.

Experience the development of Coast Guard lifesaving, from the earliest rowboats up to modern operations involving aircraft, cutters, and small boats.

Deck 3

Wings: Enforcers of the Sea, Defenders of our Nation

Explore the Coast Guard’s role as a law enforcement agency, from 1790 to the modern day, including how Elizebeth Smith Friedmen pioneered modern codebreaking techniques.

Discover how the Coast Guard’s warfighting capacity has evolved from the 1990’s to today, from the Persian Gulf war to the Global War on Terror.

Deck 4

Wings: Champions of Commerce, Protectors of the Environment

Learn how the Coast Guard safeguards American shipping and sailors by maintaining Aids to Navigation, inspecting vessels, and working with the International Ice Patrol.

Discover the Coast Guard’s role as environmental protectors, from endangered species and fisheries enforcement to oil and hazardous material spill and cleanup.